Should I make reservation long in advance for my lodging ?

In this context of COVID-19, we strongly recommend that you book your accommodation in advance to avoid making multiple stops in search of accommodation. You will find the complete list in the Directory ans Sleep section .

All the online agencies like Booking, Expedia and others say that there are «no vacancy» in Percé or just a few rooms here and there and that you should try other dates, what should I do ?

The quantities of rooms offered via online booking sites represent a very small percentage of the actual number of rooms found in Percé hotels and lodges. If Booking, Expedia or other online booking sites are full for Percé, or if they indicate that there is only one room left for a particular hotel or lodge, we strongly suggest that you check directly with the establishment in question, contact them directly by email or telephone.

We travel with young children, what can we do in Percé ?

Most of the activities offered by Percé and the surrounding area are suitable and accessible to the whole family. Several choices are available to you ! In this context of a pandemic, certain activities have been modified or are closed. It is very important to inform yourself before traveling, or to contact us. Consult the Directory ans Visit section of our site for all the activities that are offered and those that are partially closed or closed.

A visit to Percé would not be complete without the excursion to Bonaventure Island ! The boat ride, the exploration of the island (treasure hunt), the walk to the colony, as well as the visit of the discovery center (educational games) will appeal to the whole family. Here are a few tips to make the most of the day : take the boat early in the morning (it will give you more time on the island), choose the shortest trail and bring yourself a good picnic and plenty of water !

At the Unesco Global Geopark in Percé, an easy 30-minute hike to the cave and its majestic waterfall (always very popular with children), or a photo break at the first belvedere of Mont Sainte-Anne which overlooks Percé: it’s a guaranteed Wow ! The Geopark’s glass bottom platform is also very popular. The Magical Forest trail is also a favorite for young and old. In the Geopark Welcome Pavilion, you can live the TEKTONIK multimedia experience, which offers you a fabulous virtual journey through 500 million years of geological history; an indoor play area inspired by the seabed for children (Closed for the 2020 season). In the evening, the outdoor projection at the Geopark Welcome Pavilion “The legend of Gluskap”.

Parc des Loups-Marins, the municipal park’s playground, is also popular with families.

Swimming as well as picking agates, jasper and pretty shells on the beaches of Coin-du-Banc, L’Anse-à-Beaufils and Cap d’Espoir are always a delight for young and old alike.

In L’Anse-à-Beaufils (10 minutes from Percé), visit the Historical General Store!

The surroundings of Percé are also full of great activities. Some family must-sees around Percé : In Sainte-Thérèse (20 minutes from Percé) awaits you a playground with a mini-put and a tennis court, a go-kart circuit, water slides and a outdoor pool. In Chandler, (40 minutes from Percé) you can rent bikes and ride on a superb cycle path along the beach (The Circuit des Bâtisseurs). In the Bourg du Parc de Pabos, do not miss the Ura light trails during the day and Nova Lumina in the evening!

And above all, come see us at the Percé Tourist Information Office, we will give you all the details for a great family vacation and more!

We are traveling in a RV (motor home, Winnebago, camper…), how do we maneuver in the busy traffic during the peak season in the village of Percé?

During the peak season (July and August), you may encounter occasional traffic jam in the tiny village of Percé. If you are traveling with a RV and you just want to spend the day enjoying the patrimonial site of Percé, the City of Percé offers parking facility within 250 m from the wharf (stationnement municipal). This parking ($) is accessible via Biard Street (rue Biard). It is also possible to park an RV on the motel Natabel grounds. Please take note that it is forbidden to spend the night (camping) in parking lots, rest areas, along the streets or in any public spaces. Percé offers many campground facilities well equipped for your convenience. You can refer to the list of campgrounds in the Directory (Sleep) section of our Website for further information.

We will be traveling to Percé with our dog, is Percé a dog friendly destination?

Pets are welcome in Percé. If you are traveling with a dog or another pet, it is important to mention it when you book your lodging (many places accept pets but not all of them, fees may apply). If you refer to our various lists of lodging you will notice a little image of a dog for some lodging. This symbol means that they accept dogs, however, it is very important to double check when you contact them because they may have certain condition or restrictions.

Dogs are not allowed on boats (unless it is a guide dog), the Island being the home of thousands and thousands of seabirds, the access for any other animal is restricted and for the whale watching cruise. The same restriction applies for Rocher Percé sector and the glass bottom platform.

However, there is a dog daycare service around Percé (see the Useful Information and Services Miscellaneous section).

Dogs can have access to our public trails on the main land, to the public beaches as long as they are in leash.

What to do when it is raining in Percé?

If you take a look at the weather forecast, and rain is expected in the afternoon, the next day or maybe the day after, just keep the indoor activities for those rainy times, like the Authentic General Store and La Vieille Usine in l’Anse-à- Beaufils, tour our artist workshop, art galleries, museum and boutiques. Visit the St-Michel church, the Discovery Center. Do as the locals do, put on a raincoat, rubber boots and be the first on the beach to grab the new arrival of agates, seashells, jaspers left behind by the stormy waves! The Percé UNESCO Global Geopark with its multimedia adventure Tektonik and an interior playground with a unique concept (playground closed for 2020 season). If the rain does not come, do those activities anyway because they are really fun and interesting! Or do a tour of Percé’s surroundings like the Bourg de Pabos in Chandler…. Come and see us at the Bureau d’accueil touristique we will help you make the most of your vacation in Percé !

How many days should I stay in Percé?

There are a lot of activities to do in Percé (see our online section directory and visit). You can spend many days in Percé. We invite you to make a visit at our Bureau d’accueil touristique upon your arrival in Percé. We will help you make the most of your stay in Percé, no matter how many hours, days or weeks. We provide all the guides, maps and even suggestions a little out of the beaten path. Most of our guides and maps are available in .pdf on our Website. You can email us at or call us at 1 (855) 782-5448 or (418) 782-5448 for any help.

Can I get off on Bonaventure Island?

You will be able to access the Island during the season. The opening hours will vary during the season, to plan your visit see the Island schedule :

A few pointers : Take advantage of the first nice day (weather speaking) to go to the Island, since this activity depends more on maritime and weather conditions than most of the other things to do in Percé. Check the weather and winds forecast!

Can we walk to the Percé Rock at low tide?

We want our visitors to be safe, so you need to know that it is extremely dangerous to walk close to the rock and to walk along the cliffs of Cape Mont Joli (that leads to the sandbar). The rock looses an average of 300 tons of rock annually, major rock falls can occur at any time during the year and pieces of limestone are falling daily from the rock. The walking conditions to get there are hazardous, the ground is very slippery and uneven. It is not forbidden to walk towards the Percé Rock at low tide but if you do so it is at your own risks.
It is safer to admire the rock from a distance.