Law and regulations of the city of Percé

Fires in public areas

Fires in public areas : regulation 463 2013

The municipal regulation prohibits fires in public areas such as parks and beaches unless a permit is obtained from the city hall of Percé.

Fires on private property

Open air fires are permitted on private property, but the following conditions must be respected for safety and unneighborly reasons

– the fire must be in an outdoor fireplace equipped with a spark arrestor

– in the case of a campfire, there must be no combustible material around the fire

– the fire must not cause a nuisance such as smoke or odors that may disturb the comfort and well-being of the neighborhood.

Campgrounds Regulation

Campgrounds Regulation

Municipal by-laws prohibit camping in public areas such as parks, beaches, parking lots and public roads. This prohibition applies to both tents and recreational vehicles.

To find a camping establishment, we invite you to consult the Tourism Percé directory

Federal Drone Regulation

Federal Drone Regulation

Drones are governed by federal legislation concerning aircraft, in particular the Canadian Aviation Regulations, which contain most of the rules that apply to drones. These regulations include the requirement to hold a certificate to operate a drone weighing between 250 grams and 25 kilograms.

In addition, drone users must comply with provincial and federal laws on privacy and voyeurism. The same is true for municipal regulations regarding trespassing on private property or noise.

To learn more about the legal requirements for the use of drones, we invite you to consult the Transport Canada website.

Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park: rules to respect “…Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park is a refuge for migratory birds and the regulations prohibit the flight of paramotors, airplanes, helicopters and drones within the park’s boundaries.  There is a regulatory radius that must be respected which ultimately encompasses a good portion of the village of Percé, i.e. 2000 ft. above the summit of Rocher-Percé and 2000 ft. above Bonaventure Island and a radius of 1 km around each sector of the park.”

Regulation of the MRC Rocher Percé concerning dogs

Regulation of the MRC Rocher Percé concerning dogs – regulation 462 2013

In public areas, dogs must be under the control of a person capable of always controlling them. In addition, the following breeds of dogs are prohibited by municipal by-law

– bull terriers

– Staffordshire bull terriers

– American bull terrier

– American Staffordshire terrier

– hybrid dogs of any of the above breeds (pit bull and rottweiler).

The keeping of these breeds of dogs is prohibited in both public and private areas.